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10 Top Tips to Make Sure Your Kitchen Takes Centre Stage When Selling Your Home

Are you thinking about putting your house on the market, but you’re not sure how to present each room in its best light?

Over the years, we have helped hundreds of homeowners prepare for selling their home with our expert guidance and advice. When it comes to selling your property, the kitchen is often the room with the most appeal, therefore it is essential that you know how to present it well. After all, the kitchen is a hub for entertainment, the room where family life takes place.

It is therefore crucially important that your kitchen is presented in the best light possible. Unfortunately, after years of living in the same home, our kitchens can become cluttered spaces and for the homeowner it is not always possible to see how this room has changed over the years.

So, what can you do to get back to an uncluttered and inviting kitchen space that will leave your viewers impressed?

Below are our top 10 of tips and tricks on how to make sure your kitchen stands out:

  1. Declutter your space

Over the years you’re likely to have accumulated an array of kitchen utensils, appliances and other items which are taking over the worktops and windowsills.

For most viewers, ample kitchen space can be a big selling point. Storing away non-essential items helps to create the illusion of space even if there isn’t really any. If you have an old blender that is gathering dust and taking up vital counter space then it is best stored elsewhere whilst viewings are being carried out.

Of course, we all have items in our kitchen which we use every day, such as our kettle or our toaster. It is fine to leave these out during viewings, but if you can, it is better to source stylish matching sets rather than leaving out a mix and match of old appliances.

Less is definitely more, so be ruthless and put away as much as you can.

2. Depersonalise the kitchen

Most kitchens are used to showcase a collection of personal items such as holiday magnets stuck to fridges, meal prep printouts fixed to cupboard doors and children’s drawings which have been proudly displayed on the walls. 

Whilst your kitchen may look bare and empty to you without these items, for a viewer they may prove a distraction. Without these personal artefacts decorating the room, viewers are better able to imagine their own items filling the empty spaces.

3. Deep clean your kitchen

Now that the surfaces are clear, we need to focus on cleaning the kitchen. Unless your kitchen is brand-new, most people’s cooking space will benefit from a deep clean. Make sure that all sticky leftovers from those meal plans and kid’s artwork have been taken down whilst viewings are taking place. Wipe down all surfaces including doors and inside drawers and cupboards.

At the end of this exercise you should be left with a gleaming kitchen that sparkles.

4. Stay on top of the cleaning

Sometimes viewers will request to see your property with very little notice. That doesn’t give you much time to clean and tidy up your kitchen if you have been cooking elaborate meals using every pot and pan in the house.

During busy viewing times keep your kitchen endeavours under control and clean as you go so that you don’t have any last-minute panics if your agent calls you to book in a viewer.

5. Keep odours under control

This tip goes hand-in-hand with number four. When you have lots of viewers coming and going from your house, you want it to smell as pleasant as possible. Smells can help formulate associations in the mind so it is helpful to create either a neutral or pleasant smell when people are coming to view your home.  Whilst most people appreciate the smell of freshly baked bread, many other strong smells (fish!) are less welcoming and this could leave a lasting impression on your viewer.

When you have a viewer coming to your property, try to avoid cooking anything with a strong or potentially unpleasant scent, take the rubbish out and hide any pet food bowls which may be lying around.

6. Organise cupboards and drawers

Many viewers will be interested to see how much cupboard and drawer space there is. They are trying to imagine how all their stuff will fit into your kitchen. It helps therefore to have all your cupboards and drawers well organised and not stuffed to the brim.

An organised kitchen says there is plenty of space here and viewers are more likely to find your kitchen has the right space for them.

7. Remove any surplus furniture

Sometimes, over the years additional pieces of furniture can gravitate towards the kitchen. There can be extra chairs, small side tables, lamps and footstools. All of these take up space and make your kitchen look smaller than it actually is. Spacious rooms can be a big selling point for most viewers, so it is vital that you do what you can to highlight what space you have available – as this can often be the deciding factor for some viewers.

Take everything out that doesn’t belong in the kitchen and magnify the available space

8. Make sure everything works

Sometimes we learn to live with things which have stopped working. There might be the odd light fitting that is broken, a kitchen door which might have come loose or a fridge drawer which is looking a little worse for wear. Whilst we have become used to these things, they will stand out to viewers and impact the way in which they view your home.

Often viewers draw the conclusion that if these small items are not working, then perhaps there may be some bigger issues which have been ignored over the years. Make sure you get everything repaired that needs fixing in your kitchen and pay particular attention to lights. It is surprising how we all get used to the light being out in our own home but as soon as we come into somebody else’s space we notice these things straightaway. 

9. Consider upgrading

There are a variety of options for you when deciding how to upgrade your kitchen – and many companies specialise in doing just that. You could try something small like replacing an old tap with a fancier, more attractive one, or you could even go as far as completely remodelling your kitchen. For those with a smaller budget, many companies specialise in replacing doors and worktops, whilst leaving the main cupboards in place. This is certainly a cheaper option than replacing the full kitchen which often is neither practical nor cost-effective.

Get the opinion of your agent or a friend, because they will come at it with fresh eyes. Be critical with the look of your kitchen and assess honestly whether your kitchen is an asset for your house or not.

10. Stage to impress

There are entire websites dedicated to the topic of staging your home. We will keep the matter short and sweet here, but it is something worth thinking about as there is a lot which can be done to present your kitchen in its best light. Little tips like removing scruffy tea towels and washing-up cloths can help the look of your kitchen.

Consider setting the table or putting out a nice fruit bowl. Don’t go over the top, you’re not living in a restaurant or hotel, but do make your space look as stylish and appealing to others as possible. For inspiration you can browse the pictures that housebuilders use to promote their properties. Often, they have given the staging of their kitchens a lot of thought.

So, you can see, with these 10 easy steps to improve the appeal of your kitchen you will have the best chance to impress your future buyers.

If you’d like to discuss any aspect of your home presentation in more detail, please contact Markus or Nicola on 01786 821012.

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