7 Presentation tips to sell your home this winter

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7 Presentation tips to sell your home this winter

The property market tends to be slower during winter. With dark, chilly weather, rain and mud – it’s certainly more difficult to get outside and on the house hunt!

Despite this, there remains significant demand for homes during this season. In fact Rightmove analysis reports a “Boxing Day Buyer Boom” – with buyer enquiries rising massively in the immediate post-Christmas period. With less competition from sellers, there’s real potential to secure a quick sale from determined buyers.

If you’re hoping to sell your home this winter, keep these presentation tips in mind. From creating a cosy atmosphere to elegant decorations and a well-maintained winter garden – there’s plenty to do!

  1. Create a cosy atmosphere

If you’re selling your home this winter, the first thing you must do is create a cosy atmosphere! This will help viewers imagine themselves warm, comfortable and happy in the space.

Nothing is more off-putting than shivering round a cold, damp house. So make sure the heating is on, build a low fire (if you have one) and add comfy throws, cushions and rugs to make your home inviting.

Scan through home décor magazines for winter inspiration, but don’t go overboard. Keep things warm, simple and cosy – and you won’t go too far wrong.

  1. Be a welcoming host

To make buyers feel welcome in your home, it’s all about the little touches. Make sure there’s somewhere to hang coats and scarves, or a comfortable seat to remove muddy shoes.

If you aren’t conducting viewings yourself, have a chat with your agents about your home’s key features (i.e. any stunning Victorian fireplaces or unique history). Don’t forget things like nearby winter walks, great cafes for hot chocolate or a spot of Christmas shopping. It all helps buyers picture themselves living in your property – no matter the time of year.

  1. Focus on curb appeal

It’s all about those first impressions… so focus on your home’s curb appeal this winter!

Assess your front door (including your doorknob, doormat, letterbox, door numbers etc.) – could a lick of paint help? Even though it’s winter, consider investing in woody perennials or hanging baskets to frame the entrance.

Curb appeal starts (as the name would suggest!) right from the street. So brush away any leaves, spruce-up your gates and driveway and complete all those fiddly maintenance jobs you might have been putting off.

  1. Illuminate your home

With less daylight, there’s a chance people may view your home in the dark. It’s consequently vital to properly illuminate your home. Think candles and sidelights to add to that cosy feeling.

This includes outside lights (for instance around your porch or alongside your driveway) as well as creating a warm, welcoming glow inside. Check all your lightbulbs are working and open your curtains. This will ensure a lighter home during the day and a welcoming sight at dusk!

  1. Classic Christmas elegance

If viewings are taking place close to Christmas – take full advantage of the extra festive cheer. Twinkling fairy lights and dining table decorations add to the cosy atmosphere. A fresh Christmas tree in the corner will sing family life (but avoid piling up personal presents).

It’s important not to over-clutter however, so keep decorations on the minimal side – and always elegant. You may have to delay the giant Santa on the front lawn or the flashing multicoloured lights!

  1. Keep your garden tidy

Even though it’s winter, don’t forget the garden. December and January certainly aren’t the traditional months for blooming borders and glowing greenery – but you can still create an appealing outside space.

Focus on trimming hedges and trees, clearing leaves, mowing the lawn, weeding borders and cleaning patios. Accessories such as bird feeders, tables, chairs and lanterns will show the garden can be used as a year-round space.

  1. Optimise online

Last but certainly not least – presenting your home starts from the moment pictures are taken and descriptions are written! Especially during winter, buyers are more likely to research online before venturing out into the cold for viewings.

Talk to your agent about how to make your home stand out from the crowd, price appropriately and bear all this advice in mind when preparing your home for photography.

If you’re selling your home this winter, you’ll be off to the best possible start with these presentation tips. We wish you all the best for a speedy sale and a peaceful festive season!